ESC2021: Iveta Mukuchyan foi convidada para representar a Alemanha no Festival Eurovisão 2021

Iveta Mukuchyan, representante da Arménia no Festival Eurovisão de 2016, revelou que foi convidada para representar a Alemanha em Roterdão. No entanto, o convite foi retirado devido à questão de Nagorno-Karabakh.


A cantora Iveta Mukuchyan, sétima classificada no Festival Eurovisão 2016, revelou, através das redes sociais, que foi convidada para representar a Alemanha no Festival Eurovisão 2021, depois de ter sido recomendada por um júri de 200 especialistas. "Estava super animada. Aí recebi um telefonema que a assessoria de imprensa disse que infelizmente não me poderiam levar, explicando que já participei e isto não faria sentido para a Alemanha" referiu a cantora... garantindo que a verdadeira razão remonta a 2016.

 "Vi logo que era um absurdo e a verdadeira razão só poderia ser que eu hasteei a bandeira de Kharabagh e a Alemanha não aprecia envolvimento político na Eurovisão" frisou, recordando a questão polémica que teve lugar em 2016. Durante a semifinal, Iveta Mukuchyan comemorou o apuramento com a bandeira de Nagorno-Karabakh, região disputada por arménios e azeris, algo que foi apontado como um ato provocatório para com a comitiva do Azerbaijão.

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I know how unpleasant it is to read about a war that is happening far away from where you are right now..disturbing the few moments you want to disconnect from your own every day’s easy to scroll it away and make it disappear. But I urge you to take a few minutes and understand how important your every single ones actions are here at the moment. I knew how unpleasant it was for millions of viewers at the Eurovision back in 2016 to engage a few minutes into the discussion about why I put up the Kharabagh flag in a contest that doesn’t want to be involved in politics. What many people don’t know is that this year I got an excited call from Germany that 200 experts voted, without me knowing about it, to discuss me representing Germany at the Eurovision 2021. Everybody was excited, me as well. Then I got a call that the press-department said unfortunately the decision came out as rejection, which most likely points to my political move from 2016 by raising awareness about the attack on Kharabagh. As an Armenian living in Germany, I am a patriot in my heart, but educated in a multi-cultural environment. I want to make everyone understand that this is not a war between Azerbaijan/Turkey and Armenia but a war against Alliyev and Erdogan. It’s political and not against its people in the countries, that are mainly unaware of what’s going on in the past and now, as information has been and is absolutely changed and blocked to its people. When Artsakh shoots back they warn the population of Azerbaijan to evacuate, while Azerbaijan is targeting peaceful civilians. not even telling their own people to hide in bunkers. After they told me kindly that even though they would like me to participate they decided not to, I was mad at myself...regretting that my past act of patriotism would influence my career once again... Just a month after this call I wake up in war again this time its assured that 2016 was just a teaser...the real movie is becomes normal to see dead people on TV, hearing about weapons... 📌You may find the continuation in comments & in my Facebook official page⬇️⬇️⬇️❗️❗️❗️

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Escolhida internamente pela emissora estatal do país, a cantora arménio-alemã Iveta Mukuchyan representou a Arménia no Festival Eurovisão de 2016 com "LoveWave". Depois do segundo lugar na semifinal, a cantora ficou em 7.º lugar na Grande Final com 249 pontos, o terceiro melhor resultado do país no concurso.

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    Alemanha??? Really?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. Não me espanta pois ela tem casa aqui na Alemanha e vive entre a Alemanha e Arménia.Já participou no The Voice Germany.



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