[ACT] Portugal: 3.º ensaio geral

Mais um ensaio geral, desta vez o terceiro e último, da 1ª semifinal. Nos sites internacionais apenas o ESC Daily comenta as actuações.

"Portugal have got themselves in with a shout with their traditional Eurovision ballad, the type of which we don’t see much of in this year’s first semifinal." - by ESCDaily Team/Oslo

Recorde aquilo que foi dito sobre Portugal:
- no 1.º ensaio geral
- no 2.º ensaio geral


O site ESC Today acaba de publicar também os seus comentários acerca deste 3.º ensaio geral:

"Filipa Azevedo is joined by a pianist on the left part of the stage and three backing singers on the right. She is wearing a white dress with a black belt and gives a brilliant vocal performance of this traditional ballad Há Dias Assim. The stage is mostly pink and purple. Considering there are so many ballads it will not be an easy battle for Portugal to qualify." - by ESCToday Team/Oslo

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